Clinics We Offer

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Cervical Smears

These are normally performed by the practice nurse but can sometimes be performed by a GP. Appointments for smears are normally pre-booked as this test is best performed on certain days during a woman’s monthly menstruation cycle.

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Child Health / Immunisations

We write to you about your children’s pre-school immunisations. The first immunisation for a child is at 8 weeks old. The doctor usually checks your baby at this time and then the nurse will immunise him or her. After that, all follow up immunisations will be given by the nurse. Please ask your health visitor or our practice nurse if you have any questions about these injections. Leaflets about this subject are available at the surgery on request. 

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Minor Surgery

Dr Patel and Dr Rafi can perform minor operations on cysts, warts, moles etc. at this surgery. Initially, you need to make an appointment to see the doctor, who will do a pre-examination. If necessary after this procedure, your name will be added to our minor surgery waiting list. We hold regular Minor Surgery/Cryotherapy clinics but there may be a slight delay, depending on demand. Joint injections are also administered at the practice.

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Family Planning/Contraception

If you need family planning advice, you can pre-book an appointment with the practice nurses. Female patients may also wish to pre-book to see Dr Chikkasetty .   All the doctors can help with emergency contraception, if necessary.  Family Planning advice and services are also available from the Folkestone Health Centre - please see the Kent Sexual Health website for further details or ring 0300 790 0245.

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Flu Vaccination Clinics

For “Over 65s“, pregnant ladies and patients of any age with chronic illnesses are run at the surgery every autumn. (We do not start to pre-book any clinics until we have received the flu vaccine at the practice.)

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If you discover you are pregnant you can now self-refer direct to our local midwifery team.  Please visit their website at: 

Midwives no longer run routine clinics from the practice.

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Well Woman/ Well Man

If you wish for a well woman/well man check-up, this takes about half an hour and should be booked in advance. Please advise the receptionist when booking that you want this type of health check and need a 30 minute appointment with the nurse.

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Sexual Health Clinics

You can use the local health centre for STIs and HIV testing even if you are registered at this surgery. You do not need to be registered at the health centre. Contact details are - Folkestone Health Centre, 15-25 Dover Road, Folkestone. Tel: 0300 790 0245 or visit their website at

Sexual Health Helpline - If you need further help and advice about sexual health services, call the Sexual Health Helpline on 0300 790 0245.

Minor Illness Clinic

Separate minor illness clinics are run by the doctors and the specialist nurses. If you have any of the following health issues (this list is not exhaustive) please ask for an appointment for Minor Illness Clinic.









Dry Skin



Fungal Infections



Head Lice



Ingrowing Toenails

Insect Bites


Period Problems


Sore Eyes

Sore Throat




Urinary Tract Infections

Vaginal Discharge

Warts/ Verrucae